Personal Use License

In essence, DbNinja is proprietary software which is free for personal use. It can be used for work, but you must install it yourself and use it from a single computer at a time. Any other type of use requires a separate license (see below). To read the full personal license agreement click here.

Commercial Usage and OEM Licenses

Licensed customers may receive permission to provide DbNinja as a service for their clients, distribute DbNinja on their server appliances or offer DbNinja as part of their management package. Licensees also receive access to our expert support and development resources.
Our commercial license fees vary depending on factors such as the number of client users and the nature of the use. Please email us at to discuss your license needs.

Website Design and Logotype

The design of all DbNinja website and its logotype is protected by copyright with all rights reserved. The theme, design, layout, look-and-feel, including html and css, is not licensed for use and is copyrighted. You don't have permission to use it in any way for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.