DbNinja for MySQL

DbNinja v3.2.7
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DbNinja is an advanced web-based application for MySQL database administration and development. It's a must-have for those who wish to access their hosted servers remotely. DbNinja supports all the latest features including: triggers, events, views, stored routines and foreign keys; in addition it allows to import and backup data and MySQL object structures, manage users and much more. DbNinja has a highly functional and elegant user interface, and can be used securely in any modern browser on any OS.

Management Features

  • Manage databases, tables and events
  • Manage indices, foreign keys and triggers
  • Edit procedures, functions and views
  • Manage and export user accounts and privileges
  • Back-up and restore database structure and data
  • Compare and synchronize databases between hosts
  • Export data into CSV, SQL, Excel and JSON formats
  • Check, repair and optimize tables
  • View and terminate active server connections
  • View system status info and edit system variables

User Interface Features

  • Connect to multiple hosts at same time
  • Do tasks simultaneously with tabs-based interface
  • Access all hosts and database objects from a tree view
  • Items can be right-clicked to show context-sensitive menus
  • Edit queries and routines efficiently with syntax highlighting
  • Work with multilingual data - different encodings are supported
  • Preview images and other binary data that's stored in tables
  • Save your favorite queries for later use
  • Set limits on amounts of fetched data and query execution time
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for common tasks