Troubleshooting DbNinja/MySQL Errors

Cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using old authentication

This error is thrown if MySQL user's password is stored using the older, less secure, method. DbNinja won't be able to connect this server unless you fix this first.
Use another management software to connect to your MySQL server and run the following query (if you're not sure what the host name should be, use '%' instead of 'hostname'):
SET PASSWORD FOR 'username'@'hostname' = PASSWORD('mypassword');
Next, apply the changes using:
If after resetting the password the problem remains, run:
If the result gives a number lower than 41, your MySQL server is using the older authentication method. You will be able to remedy that by changing setting `old-password=0` in `my.cnf` configuration file. If you don't have access to your MySQL configuration, you'll need to contact the server administrator.
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